Target Shoplifting Letter (Do This Now!)

Target Shoplifting Letter

A Target Letter is a pretty interesting action. Many retailers deal with shoplifters in their own ways, utilizing LPs (Loss Prevention departments or individuals), CCTV, data compilation, and physical measures within the stores (magnetic strips and enclosed merchandise) to deter shoplifting.

Target will just straight up send shoplifters a letter, detailing what they are being investigated for and directing you to testify, if necessary, in a court of law via questioning from your local police department. 

Target’s strategy here is interesting as well. They’re essentially sending out mass letters and coordinating with attorneys to recoup their money from identified shoplifters who stole a significant value in merchandise.

Of course, it also opens up a number of questions regarding legality and the rights of the accused. 

What Does a Target Letter for Shoplifting Mean?

In a nutshell, a Target Shoplifting Letter informs the reader that they are the subject of an ongoing investigation. A shoplifter may receive a single letter or multiple letters, depending on how they handle the situation. 

Either way, the letter is an indication that things might get a whole lot worse if the correspondence is abjectly ignored. Target has reason to believe that the recipient of the letter is guilty of shoplifting from one of its stores.

Not only that, but the letter is an indication that Target is willing to pursue the matter to its conclusion. Whether or not Target actually does is up in the air, much of it, again, depends on the recipient’s response. 

This is a relatively new development from Target, most likely due to the massive upsurge in shoplifting throughout its stores across the country, specifically in metropolitan areas. It’s not just shoplifting, in terms of someone stealing a candy bar either. 

The shoplifting Target is most likely to pursue is in the realm of hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. Target is not going to waste time, effort, and, most important of all, money, over a few dollars worth of merchandise. 

A Target Letter for shoplifting is definitely an indication that Target is more than willing to get that value back from the shoplifter, through the court and law if necessary. 

What is Target’s Shoplifting Policy?

Most retail chains don’t have an official shoplifting policy, at least not one that the average person can pull up on the retailer’s website. However, Target has made its intentions known to one degree or another. 

Rather than a policy, it’s more of an information guide regarding the tools Target uses to address shoplifting throughout its stores.

Target utilizes CCTV cameras, facial recognition, loss-prevention security personnel, documentation, and a variety of smaller deterrence techniques to stop shoplifters. 

Target Shoplifting Deterrence Measures

Target has several things going on at once on any given shopping day. For the most part, no one will stop or even question a shoplifter as they head through the front doors. However, there may or may not be a police car outside waiting for them. 

  • Strategically placed CCTV cameras throughout the store
  • Facial recognition software and image analytics software
  • An experienced loss prevention team of employees
  • Casually-dressed LP employees positioned in the stores
  • Overwhelmingly nice customer service from specific employees
  • Sophisticated security systems under constant observation
  • Letters sent to shoplifters caught via any of the above measures

Target’s policy is to usually go after repeat offenders and those who take off with a large value in merchandise. The first thing Target management will do is work with local police in the area where the shoplifting occurred. 

Of course, it’s important to understand that Target has no legal or prosecutorial authority on its own. They have to go through all of the proper legal challenges if they wish to seek recompense for something a shoplifter took. 

Most of the time, if Target is planning on spending that kind of money, they are only going to go after high-value thefts.

It doesn’t make any sense to spend $2,000 to recoup $500 in stolen merchandise. 

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Why is Target Getting Tough on Shoplifting? 

According to Insider,Target is looking at a $500 million dollar hit to close out 2023’s fiscal year. Target has identified shoplifting as a major reason behind the half-a-billion number.

Target elaborated by stating that $400 million in profits were lost over stolen merchandise and that number may reach $600 million dollars by the end of the year. 

That’s a lot of money to hemorrhage in a single year. Target is undoubtedly a solid retail chain with a ton of money. However, $500 million to $600 million per year will add up over time and eventually cripple a company unless it changes how it runs things. 

Now, not all of Target’s losses are clearly shoplifting, so there’s some wiggle room there for critics of Target’s claims to point out. Maybe not all of the missing value is due to shoplifting. However, it’s very clear that Target thinks it is. 

Since Target thinks so, that’s all that matters in terms of what steps they take next. After all, critics of Target identifying shoplifting as a major source of lost profits don’t get to make Target’s decisions for them. 

With Target identifying shoplifting as a major drain on the retail chain’s profit margins, their next step is what this article is about and what you read above. They’re cracking down on shoplifting as hard as they are capable of doing so. 

Target has lost a ton of money recently, including over a fifth of its market value. Whether it’s a broad, systematic loss that is affecting other retail chains or stances on political issues, there’s little doubt that the company is currently at a low point. 

Does a Target Shoplifting Letter Mean They’re Suing?

No. At least not right now. The letter is basically to give shoplifters the opportunity to contact their attorney, Target directly, or the attorney’s office that Target is using, to settle the debt before Target decides whether or not it wants to pursue additional legal avenues. 

In fact, Target may not pursue a shoplifter in court, unless that money is extremely significant. Remember, it costs a lot of money to sue, so Target needs to assume that it will get more back than it puts out.

Some people advise ignoring the letters, claiming that Target will never escalate to the point of suing. It simply depends on where you go in pursuit of legal answers and who you talk to. Most attorneys will advise shoplifters to pay up, especially if Target has irrefutable evidence that the shoplifter stole the item. 

However, attorneys have some degree of liability as well, when they wade into advisory positions on civil litigation subjects. Most of the time, they’re always going to side with Target.

If the shoplifter decides to ignore the letter, nothing will probably happen. Then again, it might. And that’s where the true power of Target’s letters resides. 

All Things Considered

Receiving a Target Letter for shoplifting simply means that Target probably has the shoplifter recorded on surveillance or has enough evidence to take the issue to court. 

Whether or not shoplifters respond to the letter may be irrelevant, as it’s seeming to work in driving shoplifting incidents in the store in a downward trajectory. Perhaps that was Target’s entire goal, after all.

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